Lowly Carpenter by Mischief Brew

Come neighbor, get ready to dance for your bread
My son, I was once where you stand
There’s a beast with insatiable hunger
It’s minions need crafters and skilled, working hands
Needs a fortress high in the hilltops
And we are the great, chosen crew
But I am a lowly carpenter, so, what have i power to do?

Oh, misery! Call us to rise up at dawn
To turn whey as fast as we can
We may be the mortar that cradles the brick,
but i am just one grain of sand.

And don’t tell me i’m tossing the wretched
It only brings pleasure and pain
And we are all lowly carpenters, so,
Where we’re taken is where we remain

And the master shall govern with unbroken backs
Look down from the top of the hills
You could cry through the night just as much as you like
There will always be towers to build

I coulda been more than some stone-dragging vessel
I could be more than their wood-cutting slave
But we are all lowly carpenters, so, what have we power to change?

And if you can’t take no more, then get out of the way
For we’ve got a day to get through
We wire their castles, their prisons, and banks
Know their mansions from cellar to roof
We’ve got hammers, and wrenches, and chisels
We could destroy any great wall we come through
But I am a lowly carpenter, so, what have i power to do?

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